Why I’m Crying over the final edition of the Rocky Mountain News

  • The front page headline “Stop the Presses”
  • The newsroom photos of the last day
  • 55 days before its 150th birthday
  • John Temple’s goodbye
  • The timeline and photos of the most memorable front pages
  • The display of amazing artwork that donned historic front pages reminding me of immense publishing pride
  • The obituaries of founders, editors and columnists – especially Gene Amole’s
  • “A Newsroom Full of Memories”
  • Highlights and photos from 4 Pulitzer Prize winning stories

If you can grab a hard copy please do. You’ll treasure it. And please share the best of the Rocky online at http://www.rockymountainnews.com/ .

One Response to “Why I’m Crying over the final edition of the Rocky Mountain News”

  1. Mary

    I wasn’t a Rocky subscriber, but still found the news very sad and moving. I did have the chance to tour both their editorial and production offices a number of times over the years with GT kids in tow. The writers were generous with their time as were the factory staff. I was especially impressed by the fact that our tourguides were retired folks who had filled any number of positions during