Totally Random Q: Busting through Bad Writing

So I’m staring at my latest work-in-progress and today I happen to be hating it — the plot, the voice, you name it. It all sounds like “blah, blah, blah” to me. I know every writer, even the bestselling author, experiences this. When the honeymoon of that first inspiration is over and you wake up to a rough draft that’s looking especially — um — rough.

I’m not going to trash the manuscript, yet, because, after all, yesterday I was in love with this same story. I know I have to get through it. And often that just means to keep writing. Uninspiring right? But I’m wondering if there’s a better way. Perhaps some tricks of the trade. Some exercises. Some diversions. Or even some inspiration to rekindle the romance.

So my question today is:

How do you get through your bad writing and get back to your good? What do you do when you hate your WIP but you’re not ready to throw it under the bus? What do you do to fall in love with your WIP again? I’m not a relationship expert so I’m relying on all of you.

One Response to “Totally Random Q: Busting through Bad Writing”

  1. Natalie

    Welcome to Blogdom, Jean! :-)<BR/><BR/>To answer your question, it depends on which parts of my first draft WIP stink…if it’s a plot snag, I often write a quick summary of what I *think* should happen at that point in the story, and then move on. Sometimes I don’t know the details of an early scene until I’ve hammered out a later scene.<BR/><BR/>If I don’t want to stop at the moment to work on