A Beautiful Kirkus Review for A GRAND DAY!

Friends, please bear with me and my braggy posts for just a little longer because I still have two more picture books coming out this year! And A GRAND DAY, which comes out on 7/5 from SimonKIDS, Samantha Cotterill and me,  just got this beautiful review!! ❤️


Kirkus Reviews – thank you so VERY much!

Grandparents and grandkids (including my own 4+) – this one’s for you!

Here’s the review!

“Every day is a grand day when family members have fun together. Children and parents and most especially grandparents gather to enjoy one another’s company while sharing a wide variety of activities. Brief, simply expressed rhymes capture the excitement the children feel while participating in each adventure. The rhymes appear within brightly-hued double-page spreads that enlarge and enhance every aspect of the events. Families are seen enjoying breakfast on the porch, backyard gardening, making art, and visiting the park to play, have picnics, and read. They cook together, play dress-up, dance, discover treasures in the attic, have a family feast, and roast marshmallows around a fire pit. Cotterill’s stunning mixed-media, three-dimensional illustrations flesh out the tale and depict every activity and setting in minute detail while conveying the love and joy of the extended families with laughter and loads of hugs and kisses. Family members are diverse in skin tone; one child uses a wheelchair. The phrase grand days has a subtle added meaning, referring to both the fun of the day and the special closeness children feel with their grandparents. ‘Family ties so strong and true / Part of me / is part of you.’ Young readers and their grown-ups will appreciate this homage to familial love and will return to it again and again.

A heartfelt, exuberant ode to intergenerational bonding.”

I’m blushing!!

To find out more about A GRAND DAY or to purchase your copy, please see the book page on my website https://jeanreidy.com/books/a-grand-day/

Happy Reading!