Low-tech, At-Home Learning: Counting With Critters

If you think about it, there are dozens – if not hundreds – of ways to interact with a picture book. Exploring, discussing, and comparing details in the art are some of those ways.

The art of illustrator Leo Timmers is loaded with discoverable details. Just flip through a copy of my books All Through My Town and Busy Builders, Busy Week! to see what I mean.

Here’s one way to turn those details into a fun math and science activity.

And while you don’t need my book Busy Builders, Busy Week! in front of you to do this activity, it’s always a bonus if you do. You can buy it right here.

Or if you’d like to support your local independent bookstore, you can buy it here.

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And for a complete list of all of my at-home learning activities so far, click on the #kidlitquarantine category. I’ll be posting projects regularly.

Have fun. Stay safe. And stay well.