Low-Tech, At-Home Learning: Cities, Towns and Venn Diagrams!

Whenever I read my book All Through My Town to young listeners, I tell them that many of the details were inspired by the Chicago suburb where I grew up – Highland Park, IL.

I call it a town. But it’s actually the City of Highland Park. So what’s the difference?

The  simple social studies activity below asks that same question … and may reveal many thoughtful and creative answers.

While this activity was written for classroom instruction, it’s easily adapted for low-tech, at-home learning. Rather than making copies, simply find photos of towns and cities in books or magazines and construct a Venn Diagram of your own. And while you don’t need my book All Through My Town in front of you to do this activity, it’s always a bonus if you do. You can buy it right here.

A little math + a little social studies = what’s not to love about this activity?

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Have fun. Stay safe. And stay well.