Low-Tech At-Home Learning: Truman’s Obstacle Course

Students at Emerson Elementary in Elmhurst, IL – under the direction of awesome librarian Lauren Blanford – were the first to try this fun activity. And it’s a perfect STEAM project to try at home.

While it’s based on my book Truman, illustrated by the amazing Lucy Ruth Cummins, you don’t need the book in front of you to give it a try. But it’s always a bonus if you do. And you can buy it right here.

Maybe begin by making a Play-Do or paper Truman to track through the course. Then what obstacles will you use? Blocks? Tubes? Shoes? Couch cushions? The options are endless. Will Truman make it? Or will you trick him into a wrong turn? Send me photos and I’ll post them on my blog.

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Have fun. Stay safe. And stay well.