Low-Tech, At-Home Learning: Color a Bedtime Quilt

Hi friends,

I’m so thrilled that teachers and librarians are re-discovering my book LIGHT UP THE NIGHT. Because while it’s certainly a cumulative verse bedtime book, it’s also an early social studies, science and geography lesson about earth, space and a kid’s sense of place.

And, interestingly, the activity below is a math activity and art activity – so we’ve got some great STEAM action going here.

Back in 2012, I did a lengthy virtual visit with 5th graders at St. Joseph School in Seattle, WA who studied LIGHT UP THE NIGHT (and others of my books) and mastered this quilt project.

Check out all we did in the virtual visit right here: https://jeanreidy.com/2015/02/skyping-with-older-students-and-the-what-i-love-most-critique/.

And take a look at their amazing quilts here: https://jeanreidy.com/2012/10/light-up-the-night-quilt-square-designs-from-st-josephs-5th-grade/.

So lovely, right?

Now it’s your turn. Try this activity at home. Send me photos of your quilts and I’ll post them to my blog. And while you don’t need my book LIGHT UP THE NIGHT in front of you to do this activity, it’s always a bonus if you do. You can buy it right here.

For more activities, explore all of my FREE  and fun Curriculum and Storytime Guides linked to learning standards right here: https://jeanreidy.com/schoolslibraries/

And for a complete list of all of my low-tech, at-home learning activities so far, click on the #kidlitquarantine category. More coming soon!

Have fun. Stay safe. And stay well.