Let Me Help You Promote Your Book Fair

Hah! Look at that face! AWKWARD!

But if you click PLAY, you can help me fix that.

Then, get excited, because you’ll hear how TOO PURPLEY! is one of the books coming to your Scholastic Book Fair and how I can help you promote your Fair.

And just to make it easy, here’s the TIME OUT FOR TEACHERS LINK.

But a Skype school visit is just one idea. How about another?

I’m happy to record a VIDEO COMMERCIAL CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR SCHOOL – that’s right, with your school name, maybe your mascot, your principal’s name, a teacher or two and even your school cheer (this could get dangerous!) – promoting your Scholastic Book Fair. Then I’ll post it or send it to you directly for you to use however you like.

The possibilities are endless. Let’s work together to make this your best Book Fair EVER!

Just e-mail me and let’s start planning!