Thank You Booklist and Library Lady for These Stellar Reviews of LIGHT UP THE NIGHT

 This charming bedtime book plays off of the “This Is the House That Jack Built” cumulative classic. A little boy tells of his universe, starting from the farthest point he can imagine and ending up in his bed, just in time for sleep and dreaming. Reidy’s rhymes are so lively and appealing, however, that the child being read to may feel rejuvenated rather than lulled (“This is my continent, far and wide. / It kisses an ocean on either side, / on half the Earth, / which circles the sun, / which hides its face when the day is done”). Likewise, Chodos-Irvine’s illustrations reveal a boy who, after being kissed good night, gets up from his bed and wraps himself in his red-and-white quilt in order to narrate this grand tour. The quilt becomes a jet, a rocket, a flying saucer, and other red-and-white forms of transportation. From the swirling galaxies and the woodcut-style sun to the color-coded map of the U.S. and the retro feel of the boy’s bedroom, it does seem like a wonderful world. Booklist

Simply outstanding. In a cumulative,”house that Jack built” narrative, a young boy folds his blanket around himself and sails out over the Earth, into the stars and then all the way back till finally snuggling down in his own bed, ending each verse with “in my own little piece of the universe”.
The concept is lovely and comforting, the rhymes are PERFECT and the art colorful, child friendly and has just the right amount of details. Wonderful at bedtime or any time of the day.
The Library Lady