Auction Preview: The Amazing Buffalo Combo Pack!

Donated by: Audrey Vernick

Item Description:     The lucky winner will strike it rich. Because this prize package includes not only a copy of TEACH YOUR BUFFALO TO PLAY DRUMS personalized and signed by Audrey Vernick, a Buffalo tote bag, and 30 (that’s right 30!) Buffalo bookmarks but also …

a copy of IS YOUR BUFFALO READY FOR KINDERGARTEN? signed by Daniel Jennewein the illustrator (with buffalo sketch) and Audrey Vernick the author.
And it will all ship in time for Christmas.


Market Value:  Priceless

This is only a preview of one of the many amazing items I’ll be featuring at my LIGHT UP THE LIBRARY auction 11/7 – 11/18. And I’ve got something for everyone. To learn more, please stop by my auction website at

Get excited!!!