Pay it Forward Friday – Shannon Caster

When my boys were young, they were experts in the non-fiction section of the library.
“Tornadoes are over here!”
“Dinosaurs are over here!”

That’s why my shout out this week goes to my good friend and critique buddy, Shannon Caster.

Shannon writes the articles and books that make curious kids race to the non-fiction and magazine shelves.

Her latest books from Body Works titled BRAIN, HEART, EYES, SKIN, KIDNEYS, and LUNGS provide an up close and personal intro to those amazing organs with bright, clear cover designs that attract the study of the human body without unnecessary gore.

You can check out Shannon’s article and books at

P.S. While you’re at the library today, pick up MOUNTAINS BEYOND MOUNTAINS and remember that even one person can make a difference. Then go to and give for Haiti.