For the Love of 49 Words: A Revision Story Part 1

One of my upcoming picture books was submitted at 45 words and sold at 65. Yesterday I received a very kind and thoughtful revision letter from my editor asking me to cut 16 words and change all the rest. You think I’m joking?

Two funny truths about that letter:

  • I completely agree with her suggestions and
  • I’m excited to get started.

Now I’m not trying to sound like the Pollyanna of publishing, but I’m thrilled that someone other than me cares so much about the quality of my picture book and hence, those 49 words.

I don’t believe in making work harder than it needs to be, but in honor of the readers I care so very much about, I’d like to tell you about the journey of those 49 words.

So tune in tomorrow for the first of a few posts in which I spend hundreds of words to tell you about finding those perfect few.