Time Out for Teachers

Celebrating teachers and librarians EVERYWHERE!

Combine the freedom of a virtual author visit with the perks of an onsite visit and what do you get?

Time Out For Teachers!

I offer FREE 15-30 minute Skype visits (for grades PreK-12, as my schedule permits) as well as other FREE resources for teachers, classrooms and libraries!

Here’s how it works:

  • E-mail me to schedule a day and time for your Skype visit. We can also connect on video Google Chat or video Facebook Chat.
  • Click here to download my free Time Out For Teachers Visit Information including: Ideas for the Visit, Pre-Visit Fun, Easy Book Order and Autograph Information, Visit Confirmation, Bandwidth Reservation Memo – (See this WSJ article about schools and slow internet), and a Poster for your Classroom.
  • Read through the information and e-mail me with questions. Then e-mail me your completed Visit Confirmation form with your selected visit idea OR propose a visit idea of your own.
  • Get kids and families excited and involved by sending home my Virtual Visit Flyer complete with a Website Scavenger Hunt. For an environmentally friendly option, you can e-mail it!
  • Will kids want books or FREE autographed book stickers? Then, simply send home Parent Letter 1 or Parent Letter 2 (depending on what you decide about book orders) to let families know what’s up.
  • Then, fill out the included autograph tally sheet and e-mail it to me. I’ll send you FREE personalized, autographed stickers for every book ordered.
  • Download my free Classroom Curriculum and Activity Guides (under Resources on the left) – they’re linked to learning standards) and bring my books to life in your classroom.
  • Hang up the posters. Read the books. Get excited. It’s visit time!

“Thank you sooooooooooooo much for giving our students such an amazing look into one of your books and connecting it to what they are learning in the classroom! You were all the talk in the hallways after the programs! It was so wonderful to see our students so excited about a book! I just can’t thank you enough!!” 

Tonya Martin, Warren Township Schools, Indianapolis, IN, Skype Visit

“Once again, you were just wonderful with my students. They were enthralled and so excited about meeting you. It was a great experience for them and for me too.”

Laurie Verdeschi, Tuckahoe Common School District, Southampton, NY, Skype Visit

“Thank you SO much for your interactive visit today. It was fantastic! Our students loved it and talked about it all day. One of my students said that after hearing you talk about how some of our students might want to write or illustrate, he’s decided to become an illustrator. How great is that? 🙂 The Skype visit was kid-friendly and perfectly geared for us. The students were very excited to meet you. It was just a perfect way to start our day! Thank you!!!”

Vickie Johnson, Suisun Elementary,  Suisun, CA, Skype Visit

“What an exemplary author presentation!!  It was delightful to have you Skype in to join the second graders this morning!  Your enthusiasm and energy (and passion!) are contagious! Thank you for inspiring all of us!”

Lorraine Leo, Jackson School, Newton, MA, Skype Visit

“Thank you so much for that amazing visit!  The kids (and staff!) absolutely loved it. The connections and inspiration you gave the kids will be something for them to take with them as they go through their learning journey.  We are so lucky to have been able to visit with you.  You have inspired us all!”

Ellie Rumney, Library Media Specialist, Rhinelander School District, Skype Visit

“I want to thank you for such a wonderful visit.  You were so fun and so full of excitement.  The students were so amazed that they were actually talking to you.  They were able to learn so much about you and are even more excited about your books.  I have had a great time sharing your books with our kids. The whole experience was so pleasant. Your website and steps for a SKYPE were so well done.”

Nancy T Elliott, Media Specialist, Hunters Green Elementary, Tampa, FL, Skype Visit
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