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Deciphering Editor Extraordinaire

A fabulous editor at a top-notch house invited one of my crit buddies to revise and resubmit a picture book manuscript. Yeah!! Tonight we evaluated her revision in light of the editor’s comments. It’s a beautifully, rich story. But here’s … Continue reading


Hard Evidence That I’m Really Writing Today!

I know. I can’t believe it myself. But here’s proof: A pic of my crazy, marked-up manuscript. (Of course, taking pictures of your work is a tried and true procrastination technique!)


Back to Basics – Revision

No need for fancy methods or specialized software. Sometimes we need the simplest of reminders.


Pondering the Predictable Plot Point – SLUMDOG spoiler alert!

I must be the last person on Earth to have seen SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE. But I’d heard so many wonderful things about it – aside from all the Oscars – I waited for a night when I was well-rested enough … Continue reading


PB Peek #1 – General Observations

I just finished my last critique for PB Peek Week #1. What fun to read and analyze 7 totally unique manuscripts. Hurray for all the participating children’s writers!! What a stellar group. After reviewing my letters to the authors, I’ve … Continue reading

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