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Ann M. Martin on Middle Grade writing and her return to The BSC

Ann talks about the journal her mom kept for her since birth, why she chose to write a prequel to The Baby-sitters Club, and the important themes for middle grade stories.


Critiquing out of your Genre

A few months ago, one of my critique buddies, Judith, asked for recommendations for books on writing middle grade novels so that she could more thoughtfully critique middle grade manuscripts. While I was appreciative of her dedication to her critiques, … Continue reading


Coming of age in black and white – WHAT I SAW AND HOW I LIED

Before G, PG and PG13 movie ratings, we had As and Bs. I was quite young when the rating system changed but I still remember my parents talking in whispers about B movies. Unlike PG13 movies which often ride the … Continue reading


Double Dose of Query Advice

Two blog posts about querying arrived in my Google Reader on precisely the same day. Both offered wise advice. Nathan Bransford at Curtis Brown, discussed the benefits of batch querying. Shelli Johannes at Market My Words hosted author and query … Continue reading


A Primer on Book Production

Nicole Moulaison, Production Manager for Macmillan Feiwel & Friends and Square Fish imprints, provides a fascinating look at what goes into making a book.

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