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Shhhhh! I’m NaNoing.

Sorry it’s been a little quiet around the “Romp” lately. I’ve been NaNoing. I just hit 30K words and I think I’ve found my ideal daily word count – 2500/day. It keeps me in character for a few hours. It … Continue reading


Folksingers – Some of the Grandest Storytellers of All

Back in the day, before music videos, before CDs, even before 8-Track Tapes (if you owned one, fess up now – I never did) there was Puff the Magic Dragon and Peter, Paul and Mary. All drug culture references aside … Continue reading


Hard Evidence That I’m Really Writing Today!

I know. I can’t believe it myself. But here’s proof: A pic of my crazy, marked-up manuscript. (Of course, taking pictures of your work is a tried and true procrastination technique!)


Tell Me About Your “Lilly” moments and Win a Book!

If you haven’t been following Betsy Bird’s Top 100 Picture Book Poll you’re not too late to join in the fun. This NYC children’s librarian polled her blog readers on their top 10 picture books. Now she’s not only tallied … Continue reading


I Need to Be Rescued!

Tonight I’m being abducted. Right here. In downtown Denver. As a show of solidarity with Uganda’s night commuters – the Invisible Children. My sons have visited the IDP camps. They’ve slept where the night commuters have slept. The tragedy is … Continue reading

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