Too Princessy!

Too circusy, too clowny, too princessy, too crowny …

It’s a rainy day, but not a single toy in the toy box seems fun enough for our adventuresome little girl. She tries everything from trucks to telescopes, puzzles to pianos, but nothing does the trick until she lets her creative sparks fly. Preschoolers will love to see and say all the games and toys the little girl tries, and adults will appreciate the celebration of imagination that is the best solution of all – the perfect antidote to the princess pandemic.

Picture book, Ages 3-5, Bloomsbury
ISBN-13: 978-1599907222 (Hardcover), 978-1408826942 (Paperback), 978-1599909554 (Board Book)


“Bright colors and high visual energy match the quick verse. Listeners will enjoy the scansion; observers will be tickled that as hard as this girl clings to her indefatigable determination to be bored, she’s actually having quite a romp. Leloup slyly shows her relishing most of the toys—albeit briefly—before tossing them aside. Adults won’t be surprised at the only object she stamps with approval, and kids will want re-reads.” 


“This high-energy outing sends a clear message: sometimes the simplest toy is the best one.”

Publishers Weekly

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